Name Chen Levy
Phone +972-50-8652360
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for position: Software developer*

Experience with technologies

Employment Experience

2009 - Now Dell's Israel Development Center (formerly Exanet), Software engineer

Cluster deployment and configuration for HPC NAS Cluster based system using an in house developed file-system. Developing and maintaining automatic deployment, configuration and regression scripts. Maintain and extend the product's build system. Using Linux, Bash, Python, Perl, Makefile.

2007 - 2008 Swiftouch Ltd. Linux Consulting and Development
  • Construct a build system for a large cross platform code-base and migrate that code from Solaris over to Linux at Orbotech.
  • Unix course Instructor at Bezeq.
2006 Consultant for Arel Communications on the behalf of Scalable Solutions, free software services
2004 - 2005 Aduva Israel Ltd, Information Engineer

This position required deep Linux and Unix familiarity including the RPM internals, scripting, SQL, management and automation of a test lab (about 50 hosts including IA32, IA64, Sparc, etc.)

2000 - 2004 Tadlys Ltd, Software development and system administration

In this position, I have gained experience with Open Source systems: Linux kernel and user space programming, use of scripting and autobuild tools, installation and maintenance of Web, FTP, CVS and Bugzilla servers

2001 Instructor in a RAD Workshop, B.Sc. course, Computer Science, Tel-Hai academic college
2000 Tadiran Communications Ltd, Tel-Hai branch, Development unit

Tadiran Communications Ltd, Tel-Hai branch, Development unit - Hardware & Software project in C and VHDL

1998 Sole support for Keshet-Orion software development
1991 - 1997 System administrator for Kibbuts Ashdot Ya'akov Ichud

In that period, I have transformed an old mini computer system with dumb terminals, and 3 standalone PCs, into dozens of PCs connected via LAN in a Client/Server configuration


2002 Course for a Master's degree, Computability theory & introduction to Computational complexity theory, The Open University of Israel
1997 - 2000 B.Sc. with Excellence in Computer Science from the Tel-Hai Academic College
  • Thanks to my achievements on my first year I was awarded the Intel award for outstanding students
  • Thanks to my achievements on my second year I was awarded an excellence scholarship from the college
1983 - 1987 The Beit Yrach High School, Science studies

Professional Courses

2003 Securing Linux Hosts, IBM instruction center 24 H
1995 - 1997 Business & general management, Diploma studies, Jordan Valley academic college 480 H
1993 Oracle SQL, John Brice instruction center 40 H
1989 MAGIC II, IDF course 30 H

Military Service

1988 - 1991 IDF, Air force, Staff Sargent, Unit's Computer System Administrator

During my service I was twice awarded a regimental excellent soldier certificate


English Listening comprehension, verbal skills, reading, writing, touch typing (QWERTY)
Hebrew Mother tongue, touch typing

Personal details

Volunteer work

2006 - today Member of the KDE Hebrew localization team
2003 - today Member of Hamakor - an Israeli Society for Free Software and Open-Source Code (Registered Society), a registered Non Profit Organization
1999 - 2000 Tutor in a dyslectic students help project
1987 - 1988 National Service Year before military service, member in the support group to Kibbutz Reshit an urban, social task oriented Kibbutz in Jerusalem



* In addition to my training as a software developer, I also have a proven experience with instruction and administration of FOSS based systems. PDF | עברית